The door can be opened with an access code or with a RF card.
-Individual users can have their own RF cards or can be issued separate access codes that can be altered or deleted at any time.
-You can register up to 100 RF cards including four cards which come with the product.
-Even when the batteries are replaced. access code and RF card information are retained in a memory chip.
-There is a dual locking mode that user enter both access code and RF card to unlock the door. It is good to use when high security is needed.

Access Code storage
-Even when batteries are replaced, access codes are retained in the EERPO mon-volatile memory chip.

Battery replacement indicator
-When battery power gets low, the LED blinks and “beep” sounds. This indicates that the batteries need to be replaced.

Warning Alarm mode 1(optional)
-If anyone attempts to open a door forcefully with an inappropriate measure, the alarm will sound.

Anti-prank feature
-If anyone from outside inputs any number more than 15 digits long, or incorrect access cods more than 3 times, access is denied and the system temporarily shuts down.

Automatic locking mortise lock
-The mechanical mortise lock automatically locks the door when the door is shut.

Compulsory locking feature
-This mode makes it impossible to open the door from the outside even with the access code or emergency key.
-This is good to use for increased security at night.

One touch exit
-User open the door simply by turning the handle from the inside (Meet Fire Safety Code)

Manual Unlocking Switch mode
-This mode stops the automatic relock and leaves the door unlocked.
-If there will be frequent entry/exit and user want to leave door unlock temporarily, it is convenient to use this feature.

Remote Control (Optional)
Optional remote control available    





 Open Mode

RF card(4pcs in package) Fingerprint / Access code (6 access code from 1 to 10 digit)

 Body Dimension

Front : 80(W) x 305(H) x 36(D) mm / Main : 80(W) x 305(H) x 40(D) mm

 Body Materials

Front : Zinc die-casting with coating / Main : Reinforced plastic with coating


Backset : 70 mm / Latch bolt : 1/2 ” (12.7 mm) Brass / Dead bolt : 1″ (25.4 mm) Brass Front


35.0 x 105.7 mm

 Door Thickness

38 ~ 53 mm (standard type), over 54 mm (on demand)


Approx. 3.15kg

 Power Sources

1.5V Alkaline Battery (AA size) x 8ea

 Power Consumption


 Access Speed

Within 0.5 sec.

 Operation Temperature



Remote control


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